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A1's Unbeatable Price Guarantee

Every once in a while, a customer looking to purchase from us, will let us know that a local competitors price is a bit lower than ours. That’s when it’s good to know about our awesome "Unbeatable Best Price Guarantee"!

+ How It Works

If you see a product or have a quote for a product from any of the brands we carry, from a local competitor, let us know!

We REALLY want to give you the absolute best deal! Here are the guidelines:

  1. We do require you to provide “proof of price” to beat a deal for you.
    Simply, come in to one of our stores, email us or call us and provide proof of the price(s) and product(s) you are looking at. (Ex. copy of the advertisement, web page or the webpage link of the product, or a quote.)
  2. Our “Unbeatable Best Price Guarantee” applies to local furniture stores in our area.
    Quotes from online furniture stores: Often, we CAN beat their prices, but it is not something we can guarantee in every situation. No matter, we’d love to give it a shot! Couple important things to keep in mind on online furniture pricing:
    • Read the fine print: The price for a piece of furniture you see on their site isn’t always the “final” price. When things like shipping (typically to your sidewalk), assembly, etc. is added the price can be up to 20% more. Please keep this in mind when showing us a “final” price.

***Once sale transaction has taken place with the A1 Best Price Guarantee price, that price is final at the time of the sale.***

+ Don't Buy Furniture, Until You Read This...

The Lowest Price or Not the Lowest Price… Is This the Only Question?

As you “weigh-out” your decision on where to put your hard earn money, you’ll want to be considering important questions such as…

  • …Does the place I’m buying from have a good reputation with how it treats its customers before the sale and after?
  • …What is the actual product warranty?
  • …If there is a problem, do they have a history of making it difficult or easy for their customers?

Answering these questions can help you end up making a much more solid decision that you can be happy with, long term.

With that in mind, when you weigh the scales of your decision please check out this important comparison chart.

+ Real Customer Reviews

“No exaggeration, practically every single week we hear from some customer who bought elsewhere tell us, ‘I should of just bought from you guys in the first place!’”

– Paul Cannarella, Owner & Operator A1 Furniture

Being well-informed about WHO you are purchasing from can be just as important as what the price is of the furniture you are getting.

The best way to gage WHO you are purchasing from is to NOT LISTEN TO US!

That's right! Any furniture store "tooting its horn" on how great they are, honestly, carries very little weight. Two of the best places to point you what real customers are saying and to the BBB.

  • REAL REVIEWS:You can read customer review Google Reviews & other testimonies sent in to us, here.
  • BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU: When an unfortunate problem does occurs & a customer feels they are not being taken care of fairly, some often lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You can do that here
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