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What Others Are Saying

No words can really adequately express how grateful we are for the many wonderful customers we’ve gotten to know and serve over the years. We work very hard to be the best for our customers, and in return, they repay us back with some pretty incredible loyalty.

Thanks to them, we have the highest Customer Satisfaction Rating of ANY furniture store in the state of Wisconsin (see Google Reviews below).

Written Testimonials

Shawn, Madison
"We've been coming to A1 for years, but we bought some furniture at one of those discount warehouse places because we saw they were advertising some ridiculously low prices. We had an eye opening reminder about why we're much better off coming here to A1."

Nancy, Middleton
"We love shopping at A1. The staff and the Canarrella family have always really gone out of their way for us, my kids and the friends we have sent. Thank you!"

Katie Derendinger-Pederson
"We bought a mattress set in May, and I found similar sets online that were at least $300 more! Yay for saving money! John was very helpful (and super fast). Thanks for answering my many, many questions, via email. Delivery was right on time...the guys were great! Definitely going to be coming back when we are ready for new living room furniture! Thanks A1!"

Tobie Johnson
"I purchased my bedroom set from A1 about 2 years ago. The price was the best around and the quality was great. I still love it to this day and it is still in excellent condition. I am actually going to be in the market for a new living room set and will headed there soon to make another purchase. See ya in a week or so :) Thanks again...."

Kristina McCann
"Just bought a king size bed and chair and a chair and a half from the west location. the staff is incredibly helpful and accommodating and I highly recommend them for all your furniture needs!!

Ralph Cupelli, A1 West Store Manager
"I've worked for A1 Furniture for five years and am happy to say it is the best place I've ever been lucky enough to work at. Our low pressure environment really makes me feel comfortable as I'm sure it does for the customer. This is the only job I've ever worked that the owner thanks me every night for coming in before I walk out at night. Our pricing scheme (give the lowest price right away without the customer asking) makes it a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Not only do I feel good about my job but am always confident that we offer customers a great variety and the best pricing in town! It also helps to know that my bosses are always looking for ways to reach out to the community. Thank you A1 Furniture for keeping me gainfully employed in this turbulent economy. I hope our future will be long and prosperous!!"