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Tips Before You Buy

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Thanks for visiting! No exaggeration, practically every week we end up hearing these kinds of things from someone who came to us AFTER they decided to purchase from another furniture store.

The good news is these experiences can often be prevented!

Full disclosure, of course we'd LOVE to earn your business, but no matter where you end up purchasing your furniture, PLEASE take a look at these insightful tips before you purchase furniture from anyone.

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Compare Your Options

Compare how furniture stores actually rank, on the Web & with the Better Business Bureau. Here are two very handy tips & tools:

  • Check out our own eye-opening comparison sheet, here.
  • Look up ranking & complaints on any furniture on the official BBB website, here.

Read What Real Customers Are Saying

The easiest way to increase your chance at having a positive experience with a furniture store is to take a little time to read what real customers are saying about them online.

  • An easy way to do this is to go straight to the largest search engine in the world and simply type in the company's name on Google.
  • (Please forgive the moment of self-promotion, but if you get to know us you'll find out we're the type of family business that cares more about making a customer for life than "making the sale." As a result, we have ended up with the highest customer satisfactcion rating of any furniture store in Wisconsin.)
  • See over 100 real customer reviews on Google here