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Custom Made in Wisconsin!

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Wisconsin Made

Wood Sourcing in Wisconsin

The modern global marketplace sends many items on a long journey across continents before they find their way into your home. A “made in …” label seems like an oversimplification for such a journey, so many people look at these labels with a bit of skepticism, and some do not look at them at all. We can say that Wolfcraft Furniture is “Made In Wisconsin”, but we would rather show you!
The images above highlight the sourcing of Wolfcraft's hardwoods, the primary component of their furniture.

Custom Options

Hardware that makes
your piece unique

Choose from over
10 different finishes

Each piece can be made in your choice of
Northern Red Oak or Rustic Maple

Custom Wood Finishes

Wood Finishes

Wolfcraft's hand-wiped staining process gives the highest possible efficiency, consistency, and clarity of finish. By applying the stain by hand they eliminate over-spray and ensure that all of the stain either goes on the piece or stays in the cloth. The staining process begins with thoroughly coating the piece with a generous amount of stain. All excess stain is then gradually removed until it is completely dry.

Custom Furniture

Wolfcraft Furniture Collections
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