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Common Questions

How Does it Work?

A-1 Furniture uses a contract service to do all deliveries. Delivery times vary from day to day (depending on in-town, out-of-town, what side of town, etc.). Times can be requested, but will not be guaranteed. The delivery service will call the evening before your delivery date to give you a two hour window time as to when your delivery will be made the following day. (kindly verify delivery date and address at this time). Be assured, the delivery team is very good at staying in the 2 hour window.
  • ONCE ESTABLISHED, THE 2 HOUR WINDOW CANNOT BE CHANGED! Generally calls for delivery on Tuesday through Saturday are made approximately between 8:00-10:00p.m. and calls for delivery on Monday are made on Sunday approximately between 4:00-6:00p.m. If you will not be available the evening before to receive your time, please call the store the morning of your delivery (between 9:30-10:00 a.m.)
  • IN THE EVENT NO ONE IS HOME AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY, A SECOND DELIVERY FEE OF THE SAME AMOUNT WILL BE CHARGED. If more than one delivery is required for your purchase, additional deliveries would be at regular delivery rates.

What area do you deliver in?

We delivery to the city of Madison and many surrounding areas, approximately 50-75 mile from Madison. Areas outside of Madison have specific delivery days each week.

What is the cost?

We have some of the most reasonable rates in Southern Wisconsin. The cost varies based on the location and the volume of furniture we are delivering. Delivery fees in the city of Madison range from $42.99 - $62.99. Areas outside of Madison vary from $52.99 - $102.99.


Warranties are provided by manufacturers, not A-1. In the event a manufacturer goes out of business any warranty becomes null and void. Lifetime warranties are in effect as long as parts are available. Labor for any warranty is only covered for 1 year (including “lifetime warranties”). Transportation to and from customerʼs home for warranty repair is customerʼs responsibility. Mattress and boxspring warranties are void if items are stained or soiled. Queen mattress/box sets require a center support on frames for warranty coverage. Seams and fabric on mattress/box sets carry a 1 year warranty regardless of the structure warranty. Normal wear and tear or misuse is not covered under warranty.

Because of the variety of different products and manufacturers, please feel free to always call us on the specifics of a warranty and how we can best serve you in the situation.

Mattress & Boxspring Return Fees

Approved returns of mattresses incur a 25% fee, boxsprings incur a 50% fee. Both incur delivery and pick-up fees.


Kindly call 2 days prior to picking up your items or you will have a 1-2 hour wait. Check your items thoroughly before leaving our store. A-1 is not liable for any damage to items after leaving our store. We strongly advise customers not to tie items on tops of vehicles and cannot assist or do it.

***A-1 Furniture is not responsible/liable for any damage to your items after leaving our store. In addition, A-1 is not responsible/liable for any vehicle damage and/or injury sustained by customers or other persons resulting from items leaving or falling from vehicles as a result of, but not limited to, improper loading, twine coming untied, twine breaking, etc. It is customerʼs responsibility to ensure items are adequately secured. We strongly advise customers not to tie items to the top of their vehicle.


Layaways left longer than 3 months (unless specified on layaway contract) will automatically be cancelled. Any money paid down will be forfeited per our conditions of sale on front of this invoice.


Returned checks will be charged a fee of $25. Those not collected within 15 days will be turned in for collection in fees.

Orders & Special Orders

Arrival times for orders are estimates only, based on past experience.

Occasionally delays occur. A-1 is not responsible for delays.

Cancelled orders, regardless of reason, will be charged fees as stipulated on front of this invoice. Kindly review and initial each line of your special order to insure we are ordering the items you selected.